Project description

Part of my marketing responsibilities in telecommunications was providing our cable partners with promotional materials for bundled services. The cable partners would sell their television and internet services combined with our phone service in one convenient package. Working closely with our wholesale director, my involvement was key in implementing the following sales incentives and instructional materials:

Referral Billing Inserts
– I created promotional billing inserts rewarding cable subscribers to refer a friend for free service. This promotion ran for two and a half months, and phone line sign ups increased 63% for our cable partners. 

Partner Cash Back Campaigns – I designed, coded, and implemented several email campaigns to incentivize the partner sales teams to sell phone lines. The campaign consisted of HTML emails, posters, and flyers distributed to the partner customer service and sales departments. These promotion performed quite lovely with an average 25% boost in line sales. Voice Messaging

Quick Guide – I developed quick reference guides for using our voice messaging system. These succinct instructions helped cable partner users navigate their digital voice messaging tools without having to dig into the full manual. I received great appreciation from customer service for making their lives easier.

Comprehensive Features Guide – In telecommunications, there is a significant amount of features that can be added to telephony service. So many that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Working with our wholesale director, I developed exhaustive documentation with detailed descriptions and infographics on how these features work. This became an invaluable resource for the partners’ customer service and sales teams to accurate communicate the functionality of these features.

Telephony Sales Sheets – For all the services and features offered to our cable partners, I created sell sheets that were customized for each cable brand. These marketing materials were instrumental tools in communicating the product and driving sales.

These materials elevated our wholesale partner business relationships with a vastly improved professional look over previous offerings. Praise for these sales tools and incentives were well appreciated and satisfying.


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Constant Contact


Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Campaign Deployment, Material Development


Strategist, Designer, Manager